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Rachel Bainbridge Art is available for online sales only


Rachel Bainbridge Art


Love Your Sister


In March 2016 Rachel Bainbridge Art collaborated with Love Your Sister to create a collection of Art Tea Towels. Digitally printed in Melbourne using images from my original artwork, the Tea Towels were sold and together we raised over $1000.00 which has been donated to The Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

NEW 'HEARTY' Tea Towels


WHY ANOTHER TEA TOWEL? Why not! Everyone needs them in the kitchen, so why not support Love Your Sister and be 'breast aware' in the process. Rotate this tea towel with your regular stash and when you grab it out the drawer, be reminded to grab your boobs and do a self examination.

The new design is digitally printed with HEART on soft cotton drill fabric. USE THESE TEA TOWELS (wash on gentle cycle though ;-) and be thankful for ALL THE WASHING UP** it may seem like a chore but the more dishes you have, the more tea towels you will no doubt buy and PROFITS ARE DONATED TO LOVE YOUR SISTER, so ditch the dishwasher and support a charity in the process.

**for those who STILL refuse to dry dishes, BUY ONE ANYWAY, it's only $30 and will look super stylish hanging on the oven door!

...AND FOR ALL THE MEN OUT THERE, buy one too, even if you aren't the one who does the dishes! Gift it, keep it, hell, use it to wash your car - I DON'T REALLY CARE, but by PURCHASING you are raising CASH for LYS + The Garvan Institute to fund VITAL research and fight ALL cancers. Sorry for all the CAPITAL LETTERS, I'm not yelling, just want to raise as much as possible. THANK YOU xx

The Original Artwork 'STRIKE' is also available for purchase. Please send an enquiry via the contact page.

As seen on the block!

the SAND + SEA collection

The last pieces in the SAND + SEA range are available exclusively here.



Each PIECE 100% handcrafted & unique, featuring metallic pigments,


is no available online.






Inspired by the stunning Akoya Pearl, the NEW Spring/Summer range of handmade resin pieces combine beautiful organic shapes in transparent, pearl white hues.

The Gippsland Collection

The 2017 Autumn/Winter range of handcrafted resin wares are inspired by the pristine rainforests, rolling hills and lush greenery of the Gippsland region in country Victoria.

Available in EMERALD + STERLING, the new HEXI bowls are lightweight, durable and each one unique. Resin Dip knife and Servers also available.

The EVIE Print Series

The 'EVIE' series of prints have been developed from carefully cropped sections from my original artwork. Beautiful fluid lines + pastel hues combine to create an affordable range of prints in my signature colours and style.


Fine Art or Oyster Pearl Paper stock in 8 x 12"and 

12 x 18" sizes.


About the artist...

Rachel Bainbridge

•art • décor • design

Rachel creates original abstract artworks and bespoke home décor pieces from her studio in Melbourne. Heavily influences by her young family, and watching her children gown and experience the world around them, she aims to capture the ‘details’ when creating and has an appreciation for the little things, that in the chaos of adult life may have gone unnoticed.

Her artworks are dynamic with a sense of calm. Understated and balanced. Her homewares are 100% handcrafted, small batch, limited release, each piece personally designed and hand built from clay. Resin casts produce one-off pieces, each one slightly different, capturing the beauty of glassware combined with the strength of ceramics. Her resin wares are lightweight, durable, child friendly pieces of functional art which add sophistication and uniqueness to your home.

Rachel has just launched her third collection; The ‘AKOYA’ collection celebrates organic shapes and beautifully transparent pearls and whites that combine to create a décor range that is inspired by the natural beauty and simplicity of the Akoya pearl. Practical serving boards, dip knives and drink coasters all individually handcrafted, can be used both in and outdoors. Vessels and bowls are watertight and perfect for styling around the home or may even be used as stunning planters for succulents. Rachel has also expanded the range to include resin + leather keytags, and the new resin serving boards.

Bespoke, original artwork + home décor. Enjoy finding the beauty in each and every piece.

Shop homewares. 

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